Marshall REL McDonald


Marshall Sharel McDonald is a writer, producer and music engineer who has been involved in the music industry the past 20 years. Sharel is currently the CEO of ITYN productions who oversee’s daily functions. Sharel is in charge of R.E.L MUSIC which is a sub label under ITYN productions. R.E.L Music focuses on song production for jingles, movie scores, alternative and trap music. It also focuses on video editing and website production. Sharel is a multi-talented individual who has 20+ years experience in networking and will move on to persue his sound engineering degree. R.E.L is probably the best producer you’ve never heard of, which is exactly how he likes it.







Joel Shalow


Joel T Shalow is a singer, songwriter and producer for ITYN Productions. Joel is a founder member and currently assigned as talent director. Joel has been writing, producing and playing music for 30+ years. Joel has an eagle eye for talent and has been known to take new artists under his wing. Joel started in the business at age 17 when he and other local artists started the band Direct Groove. Joel would later bring R.E.L into the fold thus starting his music career. Joel is currently working on the NU40 ENTERTAINMENT project on the ITYN label and beginning plans for a solo venture.









Marshall Charles McDonald


Marshall Charles McDonald aka Tricky Nick is a blind piano player who started playing the piano as a child. Tricky Nick is a graduate of Texas School of the Blind and he holds a Masters Degree in Music. Tricky Nick has also been a music instructor at St. Frances School in Houston, TX. Known for his blistering jazz solo’s and SMOOTH JAZZ SOUND, he is a local celebrity. Currently Trick Nick plays piano for several churches in Austin County Texas area, he is also the father of Marshall Sharel McDonald the CEO of the company.

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